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October 1, 2023
Wednesday, June 7, 2023
9:00 am
Brenna H.
Leadership & Executive Coach
Geoff H.
Executive coach

Claim your potential within.

See yourself as others see you.
A free online training for professionals who are tired of feeling like they are pretending to be who they are in their day to day work and want to begin the journey of authentic flow.

In this masterclass you will learn:

  • Three myths about imposter syndrome
  • The 6 pathways to the authentic you
  • How to access your flow state in any circumstance

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Client testimonials
I hired Geoff for some coaching related to my business as a Senior Mortgage Advisor. It turned out that we discussed a lot of personal thoughts and beliefs that were limiting my performance at my job and other areas for that matter. While I've tried to explore things like this in the past there was something about Geoff that engendered a lot of trust. His care and empathy really helped me. I would say that is one of Geoff's best attributes—he's a gentleman, a caring individual and shares his own rough spots along the way to make him relatable. If you are looking for some breakthroughs in your business, your personal life or in your relationships with others, I encourage you to contact Geoff Helzer for coaching. You will will not regret it!
Tim M.
PACRES Mortgage
“Think of Geoff as a hiking guide. You've got to put in the work but don't fret Geoff is here to bring awareness of the things to notice as you move through your journey. He's always there pointing out the things that may be just out of sight. And, before you know it you're progressing faster than you would have without him. Geoff has been an amazing business coach that's helped me get around both big and small obstacles that's allowed me to keep progressing in my business. Everyone can benefit from having Geoff as their guide.”
Jonathan L.
ROKKOM Brand Exploration